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Independent Publisher Services LLC (Publisher Services) is a specialized division of Bar Code Graphics, Inc. We are the larged authorized agent of the U.S. ISBN agency. Bar Code Graphic, Inc. first became involved with item identification and bar codes with our participation creating the printing specifications for UPC symbols in 1974. When the book industry began using ISBN bar codes for publication identification, we also contributed to the industry requirements and consequently began assisting publishers of all sizes. Today, we have an impressive client base of over 97,000 companies, which included over 55,000 self-publishers. Our customers range from small independent publishers to top worldwide retailers.

Recent growth of self-publishing has been tremendous and the needs of new authors vary considerably. Publisher Services provides an array of individual services geared towards independent self-publishers. Unlike other publishing companies who offer varied membership distribution packages, our goal is to provide simple and economical services which enable our publishing clients to pick and choose the services which satisfies their needs. Personal customer service accompanies everything we provide and we encourage our clients to call us.

  • ISBN Assignments: As the largest authorized agent of the U.S. ISBN Agency, we provide two different book/e-book ISBN assignment services to independent self-publishers. Each year we provide support to thousands of book authors/publishers who value the personal customer service we provide. Since 2004, we have been the U.S. ISBN Agency’s largest authorized agent for ISBN assignments. Please read our recent testimonials. Click here to buy ISBN numbers.
  • Book Printing (Hard & Soft Cover): Publisher Services is able to provide discounted printing services with remarkably quick turnaround. Through personal customer service (via phone), we are able to provide our clients a fast and easy alternative to print their books. We have the capability to handle orders of all sizes and most book orders can ship within 3 business days from proof approval.
  • Interior Formatting & Cover Design: Since many self-publishers are new to desktop publishing and graphic design, we provide reasonable interior formatting and cover design services. Our design team is accustomed to working from many of the common word-processing programs such as Microsoft Word.
  • Worldwide Distribution and Fulfillment: We offer an innovative program with Ingram which enables our clients to publish books globally through online and most physical bookstores in the U.S. With the Supply-On-Demand option, both hardcover and paperback books can be printed and shipped through the distribution network within 24 hours of an online or store order. Most importantly, our authors get to retain all of their rights and 100% of the net-profit.
  • E-Book Conversion and Amazon Kindle Setup: Digital books have boomed in public acceptance and represent the future of publishing. To offer digital books on the popular e-bookselling sites, self-publishers must have their manuscripts properly formatted. In addition, we offer an Amazon (Kindle) e-book account establishment service.
  • Other services include: Copyright Registration Services, Promotional Media Kits and Autographed Copy Labels

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