FAQs – Ebook Conversion

What features and services set you apart?

– Experience. We have already assisted thousands of publishers with their ebook needs.
– Fast turnaround occurs in just 3-5 business days for most clients.
– We will add an easy-to-navigate table of contents.
– We provide both ePub and Amazon ePub formatting files.
– Instead of using an automated process, we use advanced coding techniques in order to preserve your book’s initial formatting, providing you with a professional end product.
– Our knowledgeable customer support staff will take the time to answer all of your questions and work effortlessly to provide professionally converted files.

Why should I pay for ebook conversion? Aren’t there free ebook conversion apps I can use?

These programs or web applications do not properly import MS Word documents, since extra garbage text is added at the end of chapters. Additionally, random characters become missing between words. An additional proofing step is always required. Another major limitation to these applications is they cannot natively accept multi-page PDF files and an intermediary software conversion is necessary.  The PDF is imported as an image and there is no automatic generation of contents, footnotes, or any other adjustment to formatting.

We can easily convert your PDF or Word document while preserving your initial formatting.  We can also add an easy-to-navigate table of contents. Our clients also receive both ePub and Kindle formatting files.

Will you also sell my ebook for me?

Although our primary ebook conversion service does NOT offer to sell your ebook, you may however purchase our optional Add-on service for an additional $99. With this service, we will set up your ebook for sale on Amazon’s Kindle marketplace. For more information on the Kindle Set Up Add-on, click HERE.

How do I place an order?

Go to our Shopping Cart page and follow the instructions in order to select the package which applies to you. You’ll be able to pay by credit card. Upon placing your order we will contact you and provide instructions on how to email your file(s).

What is the turnaround time for receiving my ebook files?

Our turnaround time starts from receipt of the book files (not when you have placed your order). That guaranteed time is 7 business days, however we do our best to have your ebook ready sooner and strive for a turnaround time of 3-5 days.

What kind of files do you accept for conversion?

We request that you provide Microsoft Word or PDF files. If you have a different file type or are unsure of how to convert your files we would be happy to assist you. 1-800-662-0701 ext. 250

Why do I have to pay more if my book has a lot of words and/or pictures?

Ebook conversion requires coding and manual intervention by our conversion techs. The more content your book has, the more labor intensive and time consuming it becomes.

Why is there an additional surcharge for converting books for SmashWords?

Although Smashwords does accept .EPUB files, they have specific instructions for outside ebook formatting and conversion.  Aside from injecting the text “Smashwords Edition” on the title and copyright pages, all tables must be formatted as images.

How do I get my file(s) to you?

Upon ordering we will send you an email with instructions on how to email us your files.

Can I have you review my files and provide a quote before I commit to a purchase?

No problem, just email your ebook to pubserv@barcode-us.com and one of our customer service personnel will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why does my email bounce back / What if my files are too big for email?

Book files can often be too big for email servers to handle. Anything over 8 megabytes is likely to bounce back. If this applies to you we encourage you to use a file transferring service such as www.wetransfer.com – Please have the files sent to pubserv@barcode-us.com

How do I check my word count?

Please visit our instructional page on how to do this by clicking HERE.

I sent you my book, but haven’t heard back from you?

After each order is completed, you will receive an emailed receipt. Another email is sent out within 24 hours in which we request your files. If you have not received these confirmation emails, contact us immediately.

What other publishing services to you offer?

In addition to ebook conversion, our Publisher Services program offers assistance enabling publishers towards ISBN assignment and book production. Our services include:

  • Quick and economical ISBN assignments
  • Discounted book printing – 3 day turnaround
  • Book cover design

Please Call 800.662.0701 x250 For Assistance